a certain shade of static in your iris
the provinical gaze of awe you once thought timeless
and clara i'm so sorry you're always reminded of it

the shadows pinned up cleanly on the wall
by prismatic light careening from your crystal ball
clara you were always one to give up on the dark weren't you?
weren't you?

had a fort built of armchairs and tattered sheets
with a password to discern our enemies
dragons soared though the holes so quietly
and your tiara eyes stopped shimmering
and your tiara eyes stopped shimmering
and your tiara eyes stopped shimmering

well my voice still cracked like a pubescent boy
laughing down the hillside in a tobaggan race
reciting every promise my childhood made for me
and anytime you like, you will always have the choice
to stick a crayon marker up your lifted nose
or lick the ladybug to quell curiosity
here, My Dear, here it is
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iris, prismatic, and discern sound odd, but maybe it's just me.

One of my favorite ones from you recently. The thoughts you linked together are very distinct.

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The best i've seen from you. I love the fort built from armchairs!!

Now Now children, no flaming.

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I love the way your words sound, the way they're laced so simply, yet elegantly together. This is a sonic masterpiece, really wish I could hear the actual song though.