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New song I've been working on for a while. There's a lot of experimenting going on this this song. Lots of effects, and just random nonsensical parts.

Check it out, hope you like it. As usual I'll return crit just leave me a link.

Very cool piece. I like how the intro builds up and then the synth washes over it, sounds really cool and it creates an atmosphere. I like the lead part at 1:36 alot as well.

then we get to ~2:45 and it starts getting strange. i like how the mood is instantly changed. it really starts to get out there because the beginning was so diatonic, and then the mid section makes absolutely no sense at all. it gets really intense, reminds me of the scene in willy wonka and the chocolate factory where they're going through the tunnel in the boat

i liked the end alot too , that riff comex out of nowhere and then killer solo at the end. this was an interesting piece of work, i enjoyed it quite a bit

crit back?
If I have a Documentary Film regarding the earth... I would want to use your piece here as the background for the video montage...


Things started to go weird around 3:00 though... its like going nuts... Kinda reminds me of Steve Vai song that sounded similar to this... where he started to abuse his guitar to make this strange sounds...

Overall.... I kinda like it.. but at the same time I wasn't really satisfied with it.... I dont know why... maybe its the idea that I have in my mind when I hear the 1st 2-3 minutes of the song...

keep it up dude...

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I agree with jemeput, it opens really epic in stuff, but after a few minutes it's dropped and it's mainly just atmospheric. However, you do have some pretty sweet sounds and textures going on.
I love the mood, but if it had a little more structure and think things could really take off. btw, the end is killer!
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trippy man. the best i've heard from you so far. i love the tones, and the l.s.d kind of effect of this. good to listen to while blazing. right on man. at around 247 it got cool. kind of went deeper. i do think its a little to long, but other then that ace stuff my friend. how long did this take to write/compose ect? good stuff.

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