Can anyone help me out. I'm trying to figure out the differences in these amps.

I know they are both Dual Rectos but what differentiates them from each other.
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The Roadster is a scaled down cheaper version of the Road King.
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The major difference is that the Road King has 4 6L6 and 2 EL34 tubes, with ability to choose from 5 combinations therein (ie 2 EL 34s only - like a Marshall, or 2 EL34s and 2 6L6 - like the original Mark IV, 4 6L6s - normal rectos, etc).

It is also up to 135w, with all 6 tubes engaged, so it has more headroom.
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If I understand it correctly you can flip a switch on the road king to toggle between 6L6 and EL34 tubes. On the roadster, like other amps, you'd have to switch the tubes out and flip the bias switch.
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On the Road King II, you have progressive linkage, selectable FX loops, and choices to separate speaker cabinets.
The Road King is intense.. So many features, Mesa's most intricate amp. The Roadster has a lot of the features but not as many.
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