Anybody played one of these amps? I've played the MG series which I was not a fan of to put it mildly, but this is the old Valvestate series prior to the AVT.

One is for sale locally for a very low price in good working order.

I like to play hard rock to metal mostly and I'm just looking for a practice amp for home use that can play tight at low volumes with reasonable tone. Versatility would be nice as my guitar can cover most bases so it would be nice if the amp could accomodate that but as I said I mostly play the above styles so that is my priority.

So my question is would this fit my purpose better than other amps in my price bracket such as a Cube 20x or a Peavey Vypyr 15?
ummm...... i think chuck schuldiner used that model at the end of his career.
so it should do metal fine. other than that i dont really know. ive never played one.
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My school has a Marshall valvestate 40. Its a decent sounding amp. Way above the MG series. It can do metal but It wont get super gainy like some other Marshalls. If you play hard rock, this amp good. I think its pretty much solid state accept for one preamp tube to "warm up" the signal. Hope this helps.
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Interesting, all views welcome and appreciated.

I guess ultimately I'll have to go and give it a try as not many people will have played this exact model but its nice to get an idea of how its perceived.