So Im thinking about getting a Bass but I dont want to spend alot of money 100-200 dollars. But I also want a good sounding Bass. Somthing that sounds like the Bass in Coheed and Cambria.
search craigslist and see what you can find. Either that or check out used stuff at guitar stores or pawn shops. I wouldnt suggerst going new, bc your gonna get better deals used. I have an OLP (ernie ball.music man style) mm3 5 string that i got for $150 on craigslist and I love it, which was 1/2 the street price. If you look around you can find a really good deal. Basically anything that plays pretty well will give you a pretty good sound. I like my OLP, but for ur price, some brands to look for are used fenders (you might find something around $200 if ur lucky), peaveys, and Ibanez makes a budget level bass (not sure of the name) but it is a really good buy for the price. also check out Laguna. Theyve been putting out some pretty good stuff.
Buy used. You'll probably get a better bass and if you decide to quit then you won't have spent a ton of money, and you usually get a better deal for the money.
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On playing bass.
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^ Don't run a bass through a guitar amp; you'll blow out the speakers. Those threads come up about once a week, and they usually don't end well.

if its a 30 watt marshall its probably an mg....so by all means feel free to play thru it..lol

But seriously, I play my bass thru a 10 watt mg bc i dont want to have 2 amps at my apartment and i need something small, so as long as you dont crank it youll be fine.
Turns out my Fender Jazz was still in the shop on the day I was getting my new Ampeg head (Svt4pro) delivered. I went to the local Samash store and the salesman bassman sold me a $199.00 Squire Bass (model?) black right out of the box. Its worth it, no kidding it sounds great and is a good bass ( a keeper for now).....Look I'm no snot but buying used is a hassle to me. I have bought used stuff from ebay( a ampeg head 400t which turn out to be a good buy. I have a squire electric guitar
( $ 150) and it was a fair buy. For me the amp matters more than the instrument....