Hey guys
Ive been playing guitar for a while but im just now starting to get into electric playing and i want to redesign my strat both in sound and cosmetics.

The first question i have is on looks: I have a sunburst strat with a black pickguard. Do you think chrome knobs would look good? Keep in mind the bridge, whammy bar, and 1/4 inch jack are all chrome.

I really like the shape of strats but i love the sound of teles so im in a bind. Is there any way for me to put a tele neck pickup in my strats neck pickup?

Thanks in advance for you help


Looks are up to you mate, mix and match.

As for the pups, I'm an LP guy so I dunno. Sorry man.
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As for the knobs, no, I don't think they'd look good, but that's just me.

About the pickups: yes, you may swap out the neck pickup of the strat for a tele lipstick tube pickup, but it many require some modification to the strat's pickguard.
the chrome wouldnt look too bad, but thats up to you. if it matches the other hardware i dont see why not. as for pickups, I think you can fit a tele pup into a strat pickguard, but idk if it will fit without modification. You could maybe adjust your amp to come closer to the sound of a tele on your strat though.
Rather than change the pickups, get an EHX Knockout Attack EQ. They're designed to make a Strat sound like a Tele, and they do a pretty good job of it too.

Here's a demo of it, check it out.

As for the cosmetics... couldn't tell you, just decide what looks good to you =]