I just picked up a 1990 RG550 with an air norton in the neck and an Evo in the bridge...

would you
A) keep it like this..
B) swap in an EMG set 85 SA 85


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I would keep the dimarzio's, but i'm more into progressive metal over the "brutal" crap being pumped out that people seem to love today

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depends on what style of music you wanna play. the emg's would be great for metal but i personally love both of those pickups, they have a lot of character to them.
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What style of music? Assuming by the EMGs, metal...

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i think ill just keep it as is.. thanks for the advice guys!
I would definitely go with A
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the emgs do metal. and the air norton and evo do... metal (and are a bit better in other genres).

middle try a dimarzio area '61, true velvet or red velvet... something like that
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I'd probably swap the Evo for a Tone Zone or D-Sonic but that's just me.

d sonic is my other 2c. but theres nothing actually wrong with the evo. its just more trouble for you to change it imo
Pedal GAS?
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ISP Dec of some sort
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I would definately keep the passives!

But you forgot option 2d) Send it to Talentless!

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LOL.... nah shes on lockdown i cant see me selling her for a very long time.