Hey guys.

I have a B-52 AT-112 amplifier with an effects loop that is apparently not working. I've tried it both with my MXR EQ pedal and my small clone chorus pedal. As soon as both leads are connected, the amp's volume drops to a nearly indistinguishable level.

Any ideas?
I had the same problem, there are 2 little small knobs on the back, you have to turn them up to bring the volume up.

I also have those two pedals, they sound way better in front of the amp anyways.
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I tried both level knobs, it didn't seem to help. I'll try it again and report back, though.
Is your F/X loop tube driven? You may have a bad preamp tube.
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Make sure you're plugging it correctly...

FX send -> input of whatever pedal -> input of the other -> FX return.
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Yes, the B-52 At-112 has a tube driven effects loop, but yeah there are level knobs in the back that need to be turned up almost all the way, and I'm pretty sure the front volume doesn't do much to it.