Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to find a Martin 000-15 used on craigslist around me, and am just wondering what your opinions are on this guitar before I buy it. I already tried it out numerous times at my local shop and really liked it. However, I saw that in the reviews section, this guitar got a really low score when it comes to "user average."

So what do you guys think about the Martin 000-15? Is it worth the $650-800? (It's in this price range used on craigslist usually).

Also, my brother is also offering to sell me his Martin 000X1 for $300, and I'm debating on whether to just settle with that instead of the 000-15. Is the Martin 000-15 a big improvement over the Martin 000X1?

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if you love the sound of all solid mahogany, the 000-15 is a nice guitar, and reviews don't always mean anything. have you read the reviews to make sure there aren't actual issues with the 000-15? your brother's guitar is solid top with laminate back and sides, and it has a sitka top, so it's going to sound different.
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If you're interested in reviews check this out: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Acoustic+Guitar/product/Martin/000-15/10/1

I've just bought one and i like it a lot. It's not great for every style and it doesnt handle heavy strumming as well as other guitars but its great for fingerpicking. It all depends of what you want to play and what tone you like.
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Online reviews are very skewed. I know checked them often when I was buying my first guitar, but now that I'm more experienced, I realize that reviews don't mean very much at all. A lot of people who write reviews are just either very excited about their new purchase or trying to validate their choices, often leaving out flaws which they choose to overlook, underemphasize, or do not realize is there at all.

Anyway, the 000-15 is a great guitar. The mahogany makes for a very dark tone that I enjoy, personally.
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Reviews on harmony central are pretty crappy. You can trust them just about as much as you could trust a review here on UG. Reviews from magazines and professional musicians ftw.

000-15 is a brilliant guitar. Then again, I own one, so I'm biased. If you do get one, please watch out with humidity and banging your guitar. It's pretty fragile.