First I been playing for a little over 2 weeks how fast should I see improvement? I saw a huge skill increase after the first week and just tiny marginal changes from day to day. I practice 2 to 3 hours a day where should I be after a month 6 months a year.......

second the guy that giving me lessons is out of town so I have a chording question. can you play an e major like a c major where your ring finger is above your middle. If I practice c chords for a while I can't play and e proper and if I practice e chords the right way it totally f's up my c's

sorry for all the ?'s I really love playing (if you can call it that) but mat guitar is f'n hard I have a new respect for people that took the time to get good
1) Probably in another couple weeks. Be sure to record yourself every week, it's exciting to see how far you've come.

2) Give the hardest chord the most amount of time, but remember to switch between them all. If you are having trouble with E and C, then switch between them a lot.
I don't know what you mean by playing an EMaj like a CMaj. I'm assuming you're looking for a way to play EMaj with the shape like CMaj, and the answer is yes but it involves using the all the fingers and it's much harder. Just practice the basics for a while, and switch between them. Be sure to not let yourself make many mistakes or your muscles will learn to do them more often.
Practise chords slowly - when I started out I even managed to fail at the E minor chord, but now I can make the switch between any of the open chords, including stuff like G to F. Just practise, your fingers have to get used to the new types of movement that come with playing guitar.
Quote by turkey2

can you play an e major like a c major where your ring finger is above your middle. If I practice c chords for a while I can't play and e proper and if I practice e chords the right way it totally f's up my c's

You mean you want to play an E major with this fingering:

G-First finger----
D-Second Finger-
A-Third Finger---


Yes this is totally possible, and it's not wrong. The only problem with it is that it is slightly more awkward for the E major chord on it's own.

I would recommend sticking to the normal fingering.
Thats exactly how I have been fingering it. I'll try to go back to the proper way. Any Idea on some realistic goals I can set for myself? Is it possible to be playing the easiest song clean after a month then a nice hard rock/metal song after 6 months.

I have no idea what I can expect. some people tell me it took them a year to play their first song and some tell me it only took them a week so I don't know.

My strumming is really killing me is there anything I can do along with my metronome practice.
Everyone varies with how fast they progress - its too dependant on how much you practice, how well you practice, what your background is and how easily you pick up playing for anyone to say where you should be at what point in your playing.

Recording yourself like tenfold suggested is a good plan - that way you can look bakc and see how far you've progressed, and even if you can't tell the difference day to day, listen to a couple of recordings a couple of weeks apart and you'll be able to tell the difference a lot easier.

Pick an easy enough song and sure you could play it clean in a month, if you practice well. If you've got a teacher I'd discuss goals with them - tell them what you want to achieve and they should have a decent idea what will be realistic short term goals for you.

As far as strumming goes - try muting your strings with your fretting hand and just practicing different strumming patterns like that - you won't get any of the painful noises you get when you're trying to strum chords, and you should relax after a bit and get into the rhythm of it. Once you're confident of the strumming pattern, put a single chord back into the mix. If that sounds ok try it with the next chord, and carry on like that til you are playing the song.
It takes no time to learn a song... Really, it's just intro, verse, and chorus, especially since no one can solo well at first... So my first song was Polly by nirvana 3 years ago, learned it in about 5 mins and just practiced during tv commercials on a lazy day off and could play in time
by that night

if you know how to make a power chord then there is thousands of easy ac/dc, nirvana, and generally punk/pop songs that are cake... For metal learn something like walk or symphony of destruction, they have rough solos/fills but anyone can play the verse/chorus if they take 1 hour and focus
Hey I started playing like 6 months ago but after a month of playing about 3 hours a day I gave up. Five months later I picked the guitar up again and now I practice about 30 minutes to an hour a day and I already manage to play Last Kiss from Pearl Jam. I can follow the music's speed and rhythm but sometimes I get too into it and start going faster and then I just mess it up.

Right now I've been playing Hurt, the Johnny Cash version and so far I'm doing great. I can play it rather slowly because it takes me quite some time to switch between the C to the D, but I'm getting there.

Also, the second week I grabbed the guitar I could play a Nirvana song called About a Girl, but it was only two notes: G and Em. Probably THE easiest song possible (at least the intro).

Aside from the open chords' songs, I also like playing James Bond theme, which is pretty easy, and the intro to some Iron Maiden songs such as Dance of Death, Number of the Beast, The Trooper, and Blood Brothers.
I had a good practice today I can transition pretty well to all the open chords I can even stick an f chord every once and awhile. Strumming still sucks and barre chords are going to be a real pain in the ass.

As far as power chords I know how to form them but mine never sound good even with heavy distortion. They make more of a thud any ideas.

thanks for the info this site is great
I also have an extremely hard time getting the barre chords, but some people who play guitar pretty good that I know usually tell me to worry about it later. They tell me to first just learn how to switch between the other chords because that way you'll start to have more control over your fingers and then you can get the barre chords more easily.

I every so often try playing barre chords but not too much. It can't help to try them, but I'll stick with my friends' suggestions for now and when I feel I'm good enough with my fingers, I'll jump to the barre chords.

Best of luck!