I know I can plug my amp into my computer and use programs like amplitube, but my computer has problems with that. Could I instead plug my computer into my amp, as input? (the way I would with an effects pedal, Plug the guitar into the pedal (computer) then the pedal (computer) into input) If so can you recommend a good program for this? my computer has troubles with amplitube, the sound stacks, and rings forever until I kill the program.
POD Farm comes to mind, but you need to look at things like your soundcard, computer's specs etc. It's going to be more trouble than it's worth. You would be better off bypassing the amp and running the computer into a hifi, or better yet you could buy a multi fx or a Pod
I'd advice against directly inputting the guitar though.
Use a jack to USB device like the Stealthplug.

oh, sorry I didn't read correctly.
You want to plug your pc into your amp? Don't. The amp is not designed to take a powered signal and could actually break your amp
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Good suggestions, the first one says it needs a 64 bit OS, and iLok, which needs usb, I just have the instrument cable to the headphone size thing. My video card is not too bad, some soundblaster thing someone bought me. Its probably not made for this type of thing, but it works for now. The reason I want to plug it into my computer is for a clear recording.. And better sound control via my speaks and pc.

Whats a reliable program similar to Amplitube? Most of them are way overpriced, or require their own hardware or both.
Well it's not quite the same thing but I've been using Guitar port for some time and I'm really happy with it. It's like an extra pedal (without a pedal) between your computer and your guitar. You can always use normal speakers, headphones or your regular amp. You need to buy Tone Port as the tool and the program guitar port comes with it. They also offer the lite version of abelton. I quite satisfied with the tool.