I'm looking to buy a user-friendly multi-effects processor to use as my "preamp" at home for recording and practicing purposes, <$1000.

I have three choices: Boss GT-10, Line 6 PODx3 and the Digitech RP1000.

Which one of these is more user friendly (allows me to get a decent range of good tones without a lot of hassle)?
Id go for Boss, theyre a solid company, like for me I've pretty much always used Boss, Line 6 is good and Digi isnt bad either but i like Boss as a personal opinion.
My vote is for the xt or x3 by line6
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Try them out yourself. I had an X3 and it's a nice unit. I had a GT-8 and the distortion was fizzy. But you need to consider things like... do you need a harmonizer, pitch shifter, or looper? All of these will affect your choice. Download and read the manuals for each unit to decide if the feature set matches your needs. If you want to integrate your amp's FX loop into the multifx the X3 may be the least likely choice. Although it has a loop, the word is it's noisy. The RP1000 has both a loop for your amp and another for stomp boxes.

There are too many considerations to just buy one based on what other people like.
Can't speak for the others but i have a Boss GT-3 and its great apart from the distortions. Luckily, the gain on my amp is enough distortion for me, but all the other effects are excellent.