So for the past few weeks, I've been tormented by a song that I have a snippet of stuck in my head. I'm gonna do my best to describe it, and if anyone has ideas, give it a shot!

It begins with an organ solo. There is a droning chord on the bass, and the right hand does a major key arpeggio alternating between the root and various intervals, before resolving with a couple chord hits, with more of the full band, before repeating the solo organ section. I dont remember any lyrics, or the rest of the song, the last possible helpful information is that I heard it on a classic rock station that plays mostly 70s and 80s music, and the tone of the organ was reminiscent of YES.

Any ideas?
Wheels on the Bus - Ernest Hemmingway feat. Lil Wayne
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carry on my wayward son by Kansas?
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I'm drawing a blank, I can only really think of Love Reign O'er Me by the Who, but that's a piano tone on the keyboard in the intro, and it's not really a solo in the first place. Sorry I couldn't help.
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