hi guys, I'm thinking to trade my Ibanez RG320 Made in Japan to a Schecter Devil FR made in Indonesia, using 2 Humbuckers Duncan Design Active Pick Ups. What do you think , is it better? coz I mostly play Rock and Punk. Ibanez sounds more like metal to me but it has a pretty comfy D neck. well I hope I have good opinions from you all before I regret losing my ibanez. thank you soo much cheers
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Hmm... you know I acctually can't tell you I like them both equal, so what i would have to do is blindfold myself, place the 2 guitars infront of me and randomly point in one direction and see what guitar im pointing at So the guitar is... Schecter Devil FR! This is my opinion though, if there is a chance to try the Schecter Devil FR out then do that!
yeah i think Schecter has nicer looks hehe, and do u think its a good idea to keep the neck from ibanez and change the body to a telecaster?
Body changes can be a pain. I'd go for the Schecter, personally.
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what if I change the bridge pick up of my ibanez to Seymour duncan JB and keep the neck pick up with powersound II. will it still match? or should I buy another neck pick up? thanks
Japan > Indonesia, anyday

...Schecter > Ibanez

^ ignore that. inside joke. it fits the context though.