Alright, another one of those threads.

Looking for the best amp for what I play, or at least a few options. I like mostly 80's metal/thrash/classic rock. I don't think I need anything with monstrous gain, I play mostly in E Standard and about the gainiest stuff I play is Black Sabbath or 90's Metallica. If I ever get the urge to get into something heavier, I do have a distortion pedal. With that said, I am not real concerned with cleans, but they should be decent. As long as I can play the One intro or something nicely, that's fine.

Now, I am using this in a small room and do not need a lot of power. I am open to both cab/head setups or a combo, but I don't think I need anything more than a 1x12. I am not gigging at all, this is just for messing around. A power attenuator (sp?) would be awesome as I can't play it super loud all the time.

The only option I really know about is the 6505 combo. What about the Randall RG50TC, or the cheaper stuff like Bugera V55, or Blackstar HT-5?
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Sounds like an Egnater Rebel might be for you... For distortion pedal use though, you should think about looking into the Rebel 30, since it has a dedicated clean channel.

Rebel 20 is great too though. =D
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willing to buy used?

I tried out the Jet City 20 watter this past weekend, and it fits that criteria. its 20 watts, good clean, great distortion channel. Although it will need an OD for higher gain
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I am in Vancouver. I can go used, but I would prefer pretty lightly used.

The Egnaters actually seem really sweet. They are a little more coin but saving a bit more may be worth it. I wonder though, are they really worth double the money over something like a Bugera V22? I hear Bugera isn't the best quality though, but it sounds good when it works... Don't know if I want to deal with that or not. The Blackstar BH15 (I think that's what it is) is cool too, but only one channel. Biggest problem is going to be finding a store that actually carries any of these.

So, basically I would like:

10 - 30 watts, power attenuator would be nice
Good clean, good distortion, don't need extremes of either
Two channels
All tube

Other than that, open to options.
Peavey Classic 30 might be worth looking into. I saw a guy using a Satchurator through a Classic 50 on Youtube and it sounded so nice. Not much difference between the two I don't think other than wattage/headroom.
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