Hey All!

I've heard from a few different places that the amps Vox are churning out these days are actually nicer sounding then the vintage ones. Is this true?

I'm thinking about getting an AC30 some time in the future and id like to know if i should buy a brand new one or a vintage one.

How do the new ones compare sonically to the vintage ones?

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vintage ones will cost you upwards of $10 000. and no, they dont sound as good and frankly the custom classics sound like shit. the handwired ones are AMAZING, but i still doubt they're as good as the vintage vox amps
The Custom Classics aren't so great IMO. The handwired ones are pretty damn nice though. They're all much more reliable than the vintage Vox's though. And those will set you back at the very least $4k US. Whatever you get, make sure you get the Alnico speakers. They're key to the classic AC30 tone.

Over both of those, I'd recommend one of the boutique clones that are rampant today. My favorite is made my XiTS. Another very popular one is the Bruno UG30. Matchless is another, as is JMI (the maker of the original Voxes).
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what are the AC30's built in the 70's, 80's and 90's like compared to brand new ones? and how do they go price wise?
I don't know how about the US but cheap Fender, Peavey or MusicMan amps are quite rare here in Belgium... I've bought my sf Super Reverb for 800 euro's (that would be 1100 dollar these days) and it was about the cheapest 'classic' amp I could find on the internet - I have to admit I don't like searching around too long though when that money is burning in my pockets - surely a feeling most of you will know