Lol ya not looking to spend that much on a guitar YET I've been playing quite a bit on my acoustic, but I want to replace it with an electric.
Just something that isn't as expensive, but essentially the same guitar. If that's even possible. lol
Do you mean a budget version?

If so i don't believe one exists.
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The Ibanez 321 or some other hard tail rg style guitar would be the guitar. something from the rga series.
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@ Madsalty That is exactly what I mean. ^^
@ mexican_shred I'll have to look that up. Thanks.
its not exactly the same. Different pick up. only two. a little thicker neck. but its same "general style".
I traded in my Real Books for Robbins and Cotran Pathology Textbooks
Oh man.... the pick ups on that RGA321 are a turn down. I guess it's too good to be true loll.
they is a budget pgm model.
the pgm30. you can normally find one around on ebay. but i dont know how they play? the specs seem alright though for what they normally go for
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There used to be the PGM3, i think it was to combat cheap chibanese fakes, but you'll be hard presesed to find one nowadays.
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