Sorry for the late reply, I totally forgot I owed you crit'.

Anyway, the intro and verse sounded alright. A bit generic if i'm honest, but wasn't bad.

The chorus was okay, not really to my taste though. There wasn't anything wrong musically though. I'm wondering why you did the drums across two tracks, but in that bar before the verse, where nothings happening, maybe chuck in a drum fill, or even just a hit on the floor tom, the kick drum and the snare or something. Just so the pause dosen't seem to sudden.

Verse, chorus, then the outro. The outro was odd, it feels alot darker than the rest of the song. It sounded a bit random in parts. I'm not sure on the section as a whole, certain bits about it are great, but it seems to drag on for way to long and such.

Overal, 7 out of 10. Not quite to my taste, but it's not toooo bad.
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Sorry for the late crit man, i was very busy last week. But I guess you could need a bump.

Critting as I listen:

Intro: Catchy and Nice. Good transition into the

Verse: Again, catchy. I like the drums, they're pretty simple, but simple is sometimes better. The lead guitar is a nice touch. The transition into the Chorus is awesome.

Chorus: The Lead guitar in the beginning is good, but to short. The Jazz guitar sounds somehow strange to me, especially with the break inbetween. Besides that, everything is solid.

Verse and Chorus again: Yeah, nothing new here.

Outro: Wow, this is really my favourite part. Everything fits perfectly. The melody is awesome. The synth adds a nice touch. So does the Piano, and the whole structure is... just wow. This alone makes the whole song worth listen to.

And wait, what was that: Ahh, interessting. I experimented with stuff like that too. The first two "extensions" sound good, even though I didn't like that bass part in the end. The rest is pretty solid, nothing really overwhelming. Seems a bit long for my taste, but that's up for you.

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