I have had this bad boy for over 3 years now and i love it but there is 1 problem. I can not get any harmonics on the 5th fret ( whether im im in the neck or bridge position) Can anyone help me out on this? Other thing, the 52 reissued has a 3 saddle bridge on it...but it also comes with a 6 saddle bridge...I've read that the intonation can usually be better with a 6 saddle bridge..what are the pros and cons? Thank you!
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and yes, having 6 saddles is more accurate than just having 3. only con is i guess it doesnt look vintage?? idk...

as for the harmonics, can u hit them on any other guitar? perhaps ur not letting go right away or ur not picking hard enough? its def a technique issue...
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assuming you can do harmonics on a different guitar
maybe theres an intonation issue try very slightly to the left or right of the fret