Im going to buy a Schecter Damien Special once i get the money, and ive been looking for a guitar that suits my needs (and budget) and so far the schecter damien special is top of my list.

The only worry i have is adapting to not having any fret markers, apart from the marker on the 12th fret. Im aware that there are fret markers on the side of the neck but still, how hard will it be to adjust to this?

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it shouldnt be too hard to adjust but to practice for it try playing with your eyes closed
It shouldn't be hard at all - I was concerned about the same thing before I got my Washburn, but when I played it in the shop I realised it hardly made any difference - I just automatically used the markers on the side of the neck.

Don't worry about the lack of inlays - it really won't make a difference. Do go try the guitar out before you buy one though, to make sure you like the feel of it.
I've never noticed my G-400 has no fret markers.

No fret marks = minimalist = awesome.
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Insanely hard. Only 1 out of a million people ever achieve it.

Just keep practicing and you will get used to it. the person who asked what he was supposed to do without fret markers on every fret made a similar thread. So did the guy who said that he didn't have one on the third fret and what he was going to do about it.
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Meh, i bought a Schecter Diamond Series about 2-3 months ago, it really isnt that hard usually no fret marked guitars have dots along the side of the guitar so you will still know where you are on the neck.
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wow, thanks, i thought it would be uber hard but thanks
yeah and the only thing is the nearest shop where i can go and try the schecter is about 2-3 hours away from me, althought the specs of the neck scale and stuff like that are quite similar to my jackson DK2M,
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Quote by supersac
it shouldnt be too hard to adjust but to practice for it try playing with your eyes closed

No that's just stupid seriously.

If I'm thinking right then the guitar would still have the side dot markers and you'll be able to survive off those alone. If you really wanna practice then go and look at classical guitars without inlays or side dot markers and you'll realise how instinctive (to an extent) it is to find your frets once you get used to the guitar. You've got nothing to worry about mate it's incredibly easy.
I don't think it will be that hard to adjust to if you've been practicing without looking down. I find once you get use to your guitar to- you know, get to know it, you become familiar with it's body and such. Good luck on your new purchase!
Not that hard. I got my Washburn and adapted to it perfectly, in a day literally. I suppose it depends on your playing style and experience?
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I never look at the fret markers on the fret board, I usually use the dots on the side of the fret board or binding if I need to see where I am.

ts, do you sit and play?

just wondering.

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