i saw this posted not long ago but can't find it, i just wanted the hole pattern for the tune-o-matic bridge, not so much the tailpiece, just the angle needed for the bridge.
also, any advice on lining up the bridge piece to the neck and the distance between the nut and the bridge.

the bass side hole should be 1/8th of an inch further back
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Distance between the nut and bridge should be your scale length.

As for lining it up.. draw a straight line down the centre of your finger board (so, mark halfway at the nut end, then half at the highest end). Mark your scale length on that line, then draw the bridge line (47mm post to post, I think) perpendicular to your centre line. From there, rotate the bridge position about the centre line by however many degrees you need to give enough saddle adjustment room for intonation.
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