im looking around for the best pedal board for me.
ive found the Behringer PB-1000. it seems to have everything i want.
what i want to know is, will it power pedals correctly that arent made by Behringer. do all guitar effects use the same type of power adapter?
i want to know cause i dont want to buy one and find that it doesnt work on any pedals that i have/buy
Well what pedals do you have:P

Some pedals rely on 12V over 9V powers, so that could be an issue, and generally all guitar pedal companies say "Always use our brand of adapters for our specific pedals" - i however believe this is a con and use a Boss/Digitech power adapter regardless of pedal.

At the end of the day, power is power from the plug, so it should power other pedals fine
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i have a mixture of boss and berhinger stomp boxes, so all prety standard stuff. i just didnt know if they use different sized plugs sockets or if they use different polarities.
you shouldn't have a problem...most behringers that I've used...have had the standard Boss-type plug (9V, negative-center)