Okay, so here's the deal:
Peavey 5150 amp(+flightcase), 5150 4x12 cab
€ 1200


Engl Ritchie Blackmore(+flightcase), Engl 4 x 12 cab, z5 footswitch
€ 1350

seperate prices:
engl cab € 375
5150 cab € 350
5150 top + flightcase € 900
blackmore, z5 and flightcase € ~1000

I play in a hardcore band a bit like Every Time I Die, so both amps will do tone wise I guess.

What's the best offer in this case. Those are not new by the way.
You're probably getting a better deal for the Engl BUT I recommend you try them both before you buy.
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I'd definitely go for the Engl. I've tried both in a store and I just love the Engl. If I had that much money I'd buy it and never look back!

What style of music do you play? I've owned 5150 cabs and I hate them... The Engl cab would kill it hands down. And regarding the head, depends again on what you want.

Crushing all out gain, with limited clean potential go for the Peavey. A different 'mid-ier' gain go for the Engl, not really 'less' gain, just differently voiced. Will also have a better clean channel.

But as said, just try them both out first. It's your sound, and you have to be happy with it.

All the best,

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first off, just like everyone said, go try em out.

I was very impressed by the tone of the ENGL. One of their best amps if you ask me. not sure if it can get to the gain levels you want though. It did Metallica and music similar to that withouth any problem. But it's a bit more vintage sounding then most ENGL.

Haven't tried the 5150 though. so I can't comment on that one.
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