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1 7%
5 36%
Iron Cross + Racing Stripe
2 14%
Go custom.
6 43%
Voters: 14.

Which Vinyl do you guys prefer?
My LP has a dark burst finish, amber to wine red (Generally just a darker cherry burst).

I'm leaning toward the Iron Cross and Racing Stripe one. I really like Hetfields design on his and would like one similar if not the same.

The vinyl will have a shiny gold finish.
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I would go custom. Why have something anyone can buy get something you'll like and will be yours.

I like some of the other choices Guitar wraps offers more than what you listed.

they all look good bu it's up to you, i would go for custom, make it your own, make it unique, it's like having yor own signature guitar but you don't have to be famous.
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The lion one is pretty fackin awesome.
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