looking to get a new amp, i've been looking at the blackstar series 1 100 and randall xl series V2, and there expensive the peavey valve king is way cheaper, ive heard there pretty good for the price. (obviously i will be trying them out at my local guitar shop)

your thoughts?
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not to be rude but there is a thread dedicated to the Valveking amps and to answer your question because I have a valveking they sound muddy to me. I changed my speaker in it to a man-o-war and it made a world of difference. To be honest I would say save your cash and get the 6505+ combo or continue to save up for Bugera 6262 w/cab for $800.
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not the best amps out there...not the worst. Can sound pretty good if you mod them. Tube swap, speaker swap and an EQ pedal and/or OD is a must if you play metal IMO...

Do you play metal?

Here is what I did

Man O War speaker $70
EQ pedal $40
OD pedal $50

If you mostly play metal, you would be better off buying the 6505+ 112 combo as mentioned for $599 (although that may need a new speaker too)

If you play lots of stuff and need a better than average clean channel a modded Valveking is decent. Look for a used one.
I agree, if you're going to mod it then it becomes a great amp, especially if you buy it used in the first place.

What kind of budget are you on? We could recommend more amps if you give us a little info about what you're looking for, e.g.

New or Used
Nearest city
Type of music you play
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Not trying to be a search bar douche here, but this has been asked and answered so many times that its getting a bit redundant. All the info you could want on these is in the VK thread and the countless other threads of people asking about the VK.
the 1st thing you need to do with the VK is upgrade the tubes, you won`t believe the difference, stick in some jj`s and get rid of the narly stock tubes (EH or Ruby) which are the biggest let down....alot of peeps swap the speakers out, but i actually find them ok (a little dark...but nothing i couldn`t EQ out)
I'm surprised Rijouta hasn't killed this post yet. Wait for him to answer. It's a good amp after mods. The 1st thing Rijouta is probably gonna say is get a new OT. lol