Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have ever bought a guitar of ebay from overseas? theres some really nice gibson les paul customs that are incedibly cheap on there and i'm strongly considering buying one.

So, any damage to the guitars thats been done during shipping, things like that? im still a little hazy on the idea of buying from america since I'm in the UK.

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My friend bought a schecter from America, and it came in excellent condition. No issues at all. Just make sure ur buying it from a reliable person, and if something gets damaged, ebay has to give ur monkey bac.
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I bought a Gibson Les Paul off ebay before and not too long after I got it most of the wiring had to be replaced in it. If your buyin a Gibson or Epiphone cheap off ebay ask for proof that it's authentic
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Buying from the US and shipping to the UK you have to make sure you do not get taxed heavily when it arrives! Check the laws. A lot of people will not ship over seas from the states you should ask first get an idea of what they charge for shipping. I have shipped small items to the UK from the states and it was very expensive and that did not include insurance. When ordering a guitar thru the mail you need to insure it for it's true value. Everything I have ever shipped to the UK required a customs form and you have to list what the item is and the value. So when it arrives in the UK and goes thru their customs they know exactly what you have and how much it's worth. You really need research your local laws, taxes and fees before you buy.

Also if the guitars really seem cheap you want to make sure they are not counterfeit!

Gibson Les Pauls overseas? Cheap? I think you're liable to get a fake.
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There are so many fakes out there especially if its being shipped from 'overseas'. If its form asia anywhere its a fake pure and simple. And it has a really low price on it from anywhere you buy at your own risk.