Poll: Which do you have more of, guitars or straps?
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View poll results: Which do you have more of, guitars or straps?
Straps all over my room
14 7%
One strap per guitar
105 49%
I have no straps
16 7%
Ol' strap goes anywhere i go
63 29%
Lol wut?
16 7%
Voters: 214.
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So yea, the topic describes the question. Which do you have more of, guitars or straps?
1 strap-on, 3 guitars.
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1 strap-on, 3 guitars.


ontopic: 1 strap, 4 guitars.
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2 straps, 3 guitars.

to all those guitars>straps people

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ontopic: 1 strap, 4 guitars.

That's right
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3 strap-on guitars
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4 straps, 5 and a half guitars and a bass. 1 strap I bought just for the iron cross on it. 1 came with my 12 string. 1 is set right for bass. The other one's just the first one I bought :p
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I've got two guitars, one electric and one classical. Needless to say, I've only got one strap.
I strap, four guitars
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1 strap, 2 guitars.

Though technically only one of the guitars is mine.
If I were to include the rest of my family - 2 straps, 4 guitars.
Also, we have two guitar hero straps, one of which my brother keeps in his guitar case as a backup

But in any case, guitars > straps
I have more guitars than straps- i have two straps and 4 (soon to be 5) guitars.
2 acoustic, 2 electric and the one I'll soon get is a bass.
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


Alex (mcfreaki)
Two straps, four guitars

1 strap 4 guitars
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One lap, one guitar

I sit down most of the time when I play guitar. But more importantly I have one strap
3 Guitars, two straps.
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3 geeturs, 2 straps.

Gaytors? Where?!

4 straps, shit load of guitars

What poll option do i chose for guitars>straps btw? Its so confusing

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2 straps 4 guitars.
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2 straps, 7 guitars.
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I have like 60 straps

For my birthday and Christmas people were just like "Oh, he plays guitar. Maybe he needs more straps!"

So yeah...
4 straps, 2 guitars, one bass.

Each instrument has its own strap that is comfortable and looks good with it, plus a fugly strap that came with one of the guitars.
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2 Straps, 4 Guitars and a Bass
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I strap on my Acoustic, I use the same strap for whatever electrics I play (only one of which I actually own)
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I have 6 or 7 straps, 2 guitars and 2 basses
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