Hi guys, 1 new song up called REPENT REPENT, and one (relatively) new song called LUCKY SIP

They're both a bit of a joke, i was trying to do some hollywood undead-esque kinda stuff, but even so, i have put alot of effort into them!

Both of them are pretty unfinished and need some work but it'd be cool if i could get some crit so i can improve them and finish them.

Link me to your songs and i'll have a listen and get back to you aswell


linkyy: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/PETERFKNPARKER/
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"Repent Repent" reminds me a lot of the Bloodhound Gang. I think sometimes it's clipping?
But all in all, it's cool. The quality of the recording is good as well.

"Lucky Sip" is just not my cup of tea, so maybe it's a better idea to not crit the music itself. The recording is - again - good.

Keep up the good work!

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