depends on a lot of variables...how loud is the drummer? how many other musicians? garage acoustics...will you be mic'd...

I would say probably not though. Most drummers will drown out 30 watts SS...30 watts tube should be fine.
^ What? No. 30W is plenty loud enough. Get the vypyr if its a choice though
The Vypyr is loud for its wattage. If you've only got 200 bucks I'd go for the Vypyr.
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30 watts SS won't be loud enough for all situations.

I used to practice with my Night Train un-mic'd until we got a new drummer...now I have to mic up even at practice. There is no way a 30 watt Vypyr would work for me without having to mic it up. Even if it got over our madman of a drummer...the other guitarist uses 120 watt amp and the bass player has a peavey tour 450. It's just not going to happen.