Hi UG, as some of you might be aware, although I highly doubt this, I am in the midst of recording my GCSE piece. I am currently doing the lead guitar and need a rocky, led zepplin-esque sound. Any of my fellow Logic users have any good plug-in/effects questions suggestions? (:

If it helps its Logic express 9 and I am running a les paul into my mac through an Apogee Gio.

Many thanks, Aidan
Does mainstage come with Logic Express? If you have it there are some really authentic 60's and 70's style presets, I know a few people have a beef to settle with presets but they're a good starting point for learning what goes into creating a particular sound.

I'm on Logic 8 pro at the moment so I don't know how much of a difference there is between 8 and 9.
^ Thanks but I had already sorted it by the time you posted.

I went for:

A vox VST amp
The 'rawk' distortion pedal
Chan EQ to boost low end
Pitch corrector
And 'Platinum' reverb
As a Mac/Logic user I want to know what A vox VST amp is? Logic doesn't do VST's and there's nothing AU-Wise called that?
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!