This is probably a stupid question, but I need clarification.

Theoretically, if you put together a guitar out of good quality parts and materials, made to a high degree of precision (snug-fitting neck joint, well aligned parts, well placed pickups, comfortable neck etc.) what is it that prevents the guitar from being as good as a high-end production guitar, like a Fender, Ibanez Prestige or ESP/LTD?

I know that's kind of abstract, but I'm finding it hard to explain. Obviously, it's not easy to build a guitar to a high standard, but I was wondering what that elusive quality is that makes some guitars feel (and sound) more solid than others.

Thanks in advance to any replies
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Lack of warranty.
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Nothing. Actually, a lot of hand built guitars are better than those brands.
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theoretically, if you hand built a quality guitar, and really knew how to do it, it would far surpass mass produced guitars because you would be able to spend as much time as needed on every aspect of the guitar. again, you would really have to know what you're doing.
A hand made guitar your going to spend the time to get that precise fit, vs machine made with varying tolerances stuck together on an assembly line. I make a neck pocket to fit the neck pretty tight almost press fit. vs a production guitar with lots of slop in the pocket. And alot of production guitars Ive taken apart have some pretty nasty made pockets with paint slathered in them things like that. Mine are very smooth with no paint between neck and body. I also will take the time to route and sand the neck pocket to get just the right neck angle for lower action vs using shims.

I also like to use the recessed ferrules vs a big metal plate. Of course the plate is easier and cheaper to assemble. And I go bevel the heel for better access.

Id love to bevel the heel on my MIA strat but am not willing to sand off the original laquer to do it.
Lack of a big, snazzy logo on the headstock, and resale value.
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