Well, I've found piano chords for songs, but I have been unable to locate any piano tabs :/ anyone know of a good site that has any?
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the reason is that you should learn to read music.
most piano players read music so the likely hood of you finding usefull tabs is low
it's hard to find sheet music for free online since it's all copyrighted by the people who arrange it. but you Can get it all off of torrents or limewire .
I use to be able to read sheet music (5-6 years ago) but I switched to guitar.

I guess I'll have to learn to read music again.

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Piano TABS?

Yeah, instead of a line for a string there is a line per octave. On each like there will be A-G that represents what note you play on each octave.
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Is there even a general consensus as to how to write piano tabs? I've never seen one.
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Is there even a general consensus as to how to write piano tabs? I've never seen one.


(Crappy example, middle line is middle C)

It shows you what notes to play. So this would be like play an A 2 octaves above middle C than a B 1 octave above middle C, then a G.

Like that.
use chords and use your ear man, the wandering fingers don't get so wandering after awhile
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Well, once I know a songs key, it's not that hard :P

I can always just transcribe the guitar tabs, it just takes a bit :P