I got a new amp for Christmas (i didnt get to pick it to much since my dad really wanted me to have it, but it sounds nice) It's a Crate 12x1 but I can't get it to sounds right when I play Chapter Four by Avenged Sevenfold, can someone help me out? the setting on my amp are Gain, Low, Med, Hi , and reverb, thanks for helping a newbie out

Crate Flexwave 15r I think is the full name of the amp
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crate 1x12 you say...which model of a 1x12 amp?
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Just keep tweaking it mate. Theres no way to tell you how to get a specific tone with your gear because tone depends on so many variables. strings, pick ups, guitar etc. your best bet would to be to head over to the amp setting thread if your not sure where that is do a search. Otherwise you'll have to wait for someone who has that specific amp, or one similar. sorry i couldnt be more help!

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put gain to the top or almost the top if you get too much feedback, put high near the top, low a little bit les than high and keep mid fairly low. Put reverb however you prefere it but probably very low for avenged.

Thats what i did on my first amp anyway.