I want to learn more songs, because the only one I can play all the way through is Master of Puppets.. Except I sort of get bored of learning, then I just play scales, and try to sling a few chords together and use some scales to lead over it..

What I'm trying to say is I need to start learning more songs, instead of ****ing around with scales which gets lame..

What can I learn thats interesting and around the level of MoP? I'm not bothered what it is.. If its metal or rock then yeah, I haven't learnt a blues song or anything like that yet so what shall I learn?

If you leave it up to me, I'll keep switching songs halfway through lol..
Something from the new Megadeth album. Maybe '44 Minutes' or 'Endgame'
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Who says you need to learn an entire song anyways?

If you just build a repitoire of different riffs, licks and solos... well it's much less boring to dick around with than scales...
How about more metallica, you can't go wrong with that. And i agree with Concat, who said you have to learn the whole song? There are many riffs combined to make the whole song....so you can just learn a few at a time and peice it all together when the time is right.
Disposable Heroes, another good song on the Master of Puppets album.
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You should try The Trooper, 4-5 riffs repeat throughout the song.
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seek and destroy is epic fun song imo.

What about the solo though? It seems a little.. fast?
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Dude do what I did and order one of those Guitar White Pages tab books. I got the 3rd volume used off of Amazon for like $13. It has 150 songs in it from varying styles. I mean some stuff just sucks but some stuff rocks. The one I have has the Metallica version of "Turn The Page". I get in different moods and learn riffs from just varying songs some nights. This is just a recommendation of course but it is fun and keeps me going. I aslo have a subscription to Guitar World and buy other guitar mags at different times. Sometimes they have good lessons on the discs include and sometimes good tabs in the magazine. I get to look forward to that every month for something new to do even if it is not the greatest. I find it easier to print tabs out or use a book than stare at the computer screen to play but I still use this site's tabs at various times. Good luck!
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What about the solo though? It seems a little.. fast?

Just play up to the solo, the song is pretty much the same after the solo anyway
Get the Death Magnetic Tab book. Those songs are so fun to play. Suicide and Redemption is a great one to learn, and keeps things interesting.

If you can't do the solos, don't worry. Just take the rhythm part.
I went through a long period like you where i got bored learning anything, and just messed around.

But i think the best thing to spark your passion for playing it to join a band, or start jamming with friends regularly. Gives you that reason to play, other than because your bored and it's just what you normally do.
+1 to Megadeth. Anything off either their new cd or the last one they put out, forgot the name despite I own it. Uh, other than that, I'd go for some Children Of Bodom, they've got some stuff that might give you a run for your money whilst keeping you interested. I'd recommend either learning Blooddrunk (even though it was mastered horribly) or Trashed,Lost&Strungout.
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