the finish in the entourage and the original is exactly the same. its just a rumor that its thinner. but it isnt.

the reason why it has a different finish is because the wood has cosmetic faults. thats why they put the darker finish so you dont see it.

i never compared them side by side but i sure the original is better. i hear teh entourage soudnds darker
which one you get should partly be about whether you prefer a wider or narrower neck. i love the wider neck on the original more than the 1.7" neck myself. it's easier to finger pick, and is also more comfortable for my fretting hand, but that's just me.
Both have their ups and downs. You should try out both and see for yourself because their differences tend to not be "Bad" differences but more of taste. Such as the wider neck. Some people love it, some people don't. There are also a lot of people who prefer the entourage's tone vs the original. Its all a matter of taste in the differences and you should try it out. The main differences were just stated though (so no use in just repeating it).
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haha i asked godin guitars. never compared them side by side but thats what they told me.

they say its the exact same thing as the s6 slim just teh wood is cosmetic and stuff.

anyway u should go to a store and check them out. every guitar is different and comparing them on paper is a little sketchy.