My friend is searching for a quality acoustic with a full, warm tone. As far high end stuff, I've only played like higher end Taylor so I don't know. I thought Taylors are supposed to be a bit bright so I don't know. I think she wants a pickup system and a cutaway style.
wow, for 3 grand i think we can name guitars all day long but she should really go play them. i know she might just be looking for a starting point or some decent suggestions, but when you're going to spend any more than $500 on a guitar i think it's a good idea to go into it with a completely open mind.
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Full warm tone. Go for a Gibson Dove or a Hummingbird. I am biased though so just go play a bunch of guitars. Try to go to a local shop that carries high end guitars though. The ones at guitar center and such get the piss beatout of them all the time and are not taken very good care of.
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