Hi all,

I recently bought a JCM 800 and I will be temporarily connecting it to my Fender HRD combo.

I found out I require "speaker cables" instead of normal instrument 1/4inch cables due to one being heavy duty for carrying different type of signal which requires a tougher cables. I went to maplin today (UK) and speaking to some of the staff, but they really didnt know. I chose a Nikkon make cable which is labeled "Jack Speaker lead" and says its designed for speaker use, high quality fully shielded low noise cable and etc.
Its this item:


As the speaker is connected to my HRD through a 1/4inch socket too, I also bought a MONO coupler:


I will be connection my speaker lead to the coupler then the main speaker lead from the coupler to the Marshall.

Do you think the above items are appropriate, suitable? This JCM cost me a bit, and I dont really wanna take any risks of transformers melting or so stories ive heard. Do NOT want to damage it any way.

Would be very grateful for any help! I can always return them if there are not appropriate or would damage it, I THINK they are suitable, but I wanna ask some others before I do it.

I don't see why that wouldn't work.

You basically want to take the male end of your speaker wire and the male amp head cable you just bought and join them together right?

What is the impedance (ohm rating) and wattage rating of your speaker in HRD? Which 800 do you have and/or what ohm selections do you have there?
Fender HRD is a 40w amp, not sure about the speaker itself if that matters.

Its a JCM 800 2204 50w
A few things:

I looked at that link regarding the cable, and it looks ok, I guess, but you made a comment just above the link:
high quality fully shielded low noise cable and etc.

Does it say shielded? If so, it's NOT legit speaker cable.
Speaker leads are unshielded.
Personally, I'd say it looks dodgy. I wouldn't trust my amp to it (if it fails, it will take your JCM with it...).

Second, that connector is a no-no. I highly doubt it's rated for speaker lead use, and creates a nice convenient spot for someone to accidently unplug it, even a little, while playing.
Goodbye JCM!
The solution is find a spade-terminal to male 1/4" SPEAKER cable that is long enough.
Or, take a SPEAKER cable tha's long enough and slice off one 1/4" end and solder on spade terminal ends.

I believe the HRD 40w comes with that wonky "Special Design" 12" speaker. It's 8 ohm, and I believe the JCM has a setting to run at 8.
But there's no way that will stand up to a 50 watt JCM for very long, so just be careful to keep the volumes LOW for now!