Hey guys, i need to make a simple acoustic chord progression, but i want it to be original, and basically easy. i really am trying to do kinda like a " beatles" vibe... but no ideas.... help?
You're gonna have a tough time creating an original sounding chord progression mate!

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well, it doesnt have to be original, just used less frequently.... like the g,c,d,Em chord progression is way overused. Another good example is rise against, nirvana, everclear, sublime,and the stones. im trying to sound like them even though there VERY different. I tried for multiple weeks, only to end up with multiple piles of failures. any ideas?
If you want my advice, take a standard chord progression and spice it up a bit. Change the chords in it to 7ths, sus2/4s, use open strings (Foo Fighters do this a lot and it sounds great) and maybe some 5add9 chords.

That's how you make an 'interesting' chord progression.

P.S. You could even make it it interesting by switching between power chords and open chords if you wanted to keep it simple.
Well thank you for your help. But sadly, it continues to be a failure. As sadly I've never been good with chord progressions. But I will keep trying, and tmmrw I will have my new lyrics up in progress, so make sure that you check them out

alot of my originals are just ur basic chords (C, G, D) with basic mods to them. Cadd9,etc. its amazing what u can do with those chords. even just using those chords and trying new strum patterns, picking techniques, u can come up with some really unique songs. if that doesnt work go to drop D tuning. with that bahr chords are a cinch and u can create some really easy, but badass riffs, that are easy to solo over and write lyrics for. u want a melodic grungy feel, or a nasty metal song (with distortation) thats the way to go.
Try different voicings, different tunings? Chords will sound different but more importantly it makes you think in a different way and may just steer your creativity into a new direction?
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