I'm in a band but we need a drummer and singer. We play heavy metal but no one else around here does. Where is best to advertise and how should we go about it? We live in a small town in the South of Engalnd. Any help?
Put some ads up around your town, and you could also make a thread in the musician ads here on UG, also, you could try hanging around music shops in your area (If there are any)
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I cant help you find people, but I can make a helpful suggestion...

(I assume you have one, you stated "we")
When you find the other guys, its going to make your life so much better musically.
I just spent 5 months searching for a drummer and a bassist, so by the time I found those two,
I had a ton of music already written, and that helped SO much.
I live in a small town in the South of England, and know a fair amount of drummers and singers who may be willing to work with you?
Really? Where abouts? could you give me email adresses? thankyou. We are based in New Milton, which is about 20 minutes away from Bournemouth on the train.
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Ask in music shops if they know of a local music forum. I'm lucky in that Aberdeen has a forum dedicated to the local music scene, so there's a good chance people can get bands up and running on there. I hope there's one where you live for ya
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