Me and a bassist have written about 20 songs and are in need of a drummer and singer. We are 16 and very serious. We want to try and take this all the way and make it our profession.

We are looking for a melodic vocalist, in the vein of Bruce Dickinson, James Labrie, Apollo Papathansio etc and a drummer of intermediate or advanced standard. Our songs are in 4/4 time so the druming doesn't need to be massively technical.

We don't mind whether the vocalist is male or female.

We have a place to rehearse and a drum kit with a double kick pedal should it be needed, we also have mics and amps for the vocals.

We live in New Milton which is in the South of England near Bournemouth and Southampton.

Either email me (rob) at nolifetilleather@hotmail.co.uk
Alan at supholdiver@hotmail.co.uk
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Hey guys I'm a drummer and i live in Soton thanks to Uni. I'm 19 if that's a problem. I'm up for a jam to see if things work out.
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