It appears to be a Universe to a "T" except it only has 6 strings.
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The Ad title says its an Ibanez Pyramid Black.
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It's a fake JEM
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I can't see it too well, but one detail that gives it away is the lack of the Lyon's Claw routing for the bridge. It comes standard on all Jems.

Look at the top of the bridge, towards the edge of the body.

OH ****!!!! Can't believe I missed this....

There's no monkey handle carved into the body towards the upper horn. That's a dead giveaway. ALL Jems (repeat: EVERY ****ING ONE OF THEM) has a monkey handle carved into it.

I emailed him about the guitar. I let him know that it was fake, and that he probably had no idea. I did let him know that even if he wasn't privy to that knowledge, selling a fake guitar could blow back on him very seriously. If the listing doesn't disappear soon, then we'll know that it was a scam, and then we can properly alert the website.
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So your sure its a jem copy?
not a different model?

Not a Jem copy, it's a fake.

And yes, I'm sure it's not another model. Only Jems had the Pyramid inlays and the REALLY SHINY mirror pickguard, plus it says 'JEM' on the headstock.
This is the Ibanez UV777bk. It goes for around $2000 new in the USA but yours only has 6 strings.
7 string Legion 7 > 6 Do mosh pits warm your heart? Then become a SECOND RATE CITIZEN.....better than the worst!
Im confused as to how anyone can see that and think JEM. Obviously its a 6 string Universe...thingy. It's just weird...but in no way is it a JEM, fake,real, or copy.

Could be a fake UV...
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the TS's universe has different control knobs and a big shiney thing on the headstock.

the ad says he swapped the knobs.
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so an RG350 fake?

no offense, but you're an idiot

nobody would copy a low-end RG series guitar and sell it for less than market price. It'd be stupid. If anything, it's a fake Universe.