Hey, were dreadwing, we play alot of power metal and melodic metal. We currently have no singer and three guitarists.

This is the link to our three songs, we jjust started up. Be kind if you want to critisize, but feel free to point things out

In these videos there are only two guitarists but we'll upload the newer ones soon. Thank You!!
The one with a blue guitar, sounds like shit. The guy with the Ibanez seems to do all the work. Bad quality of the recording.

It seems like this is a background band for the dude with the Ibanez :-/

Boring songs.


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I thought of a certain Porcupine Tree album when I read this title.

I didn't really like the songs.
The recording quality is bad, but I can hear some pretty cool stuff in there.
Next time, pleaase post a proper recording, and definetily with vocals plz!
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Maybe the guy with the blue guitar should work on palm muting... Also try to play more accurate.
Actually, the sound quality is so bad that criticising in a useful way is nearly impossible...

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yeah, were working on trying to get better sound quality and were also working on getting some newer, better riffs. weve narrowed down the singer search to three people. Were trying to get some better gear to improve the sound as well.

We have literally just started up, thanks for the comments though, well work on it!!