Hi, we are Paradox, an alternative rock band from nottingham. We have resently recorded and mixed a demo of our own songs and are curntly regularly giging in our area.

You can lisen to our songs on our site: http://www.myspace.com/paradoxbandofficial

Or on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY2193qOkZ0

Please have a listen and let us know what you think, the recordings may not be the best quality but you get the idea. Advice/constructive critisism would be greatly apresiated.


I actually really like your song called "The Beast" except that your all's timing gets really sloppy after the spacey intro thing (which was quite cool btw) and your vocalist's singing style doesn't seem to match with the rest of the band's sound at all.
Thanks guys, our singer is a bit weak in some of the songs but he has had much more practice since we recorded them, i think tweeking the mix could make a big difference. Im gald you like the beast, we couldn't think of a name so we called it that cos its beastly
schism, what do you think to the rest of the beas apart from the intro?
Awesome influences.
You remind me of another UG band I found, Sky Babies. They're not around anymore, but they were seriously great.

Your songwriting abilities are definitely there. I think you guys just need a little bit of time to grow and mature your ability.

Contrary to the opinions stated so far, I like your singer. He's not emotional enough, in my opinion, but the tone of his voice is nice. There are definitely pitch problems in places, but nothing that can't be fixed through practice. There's a foundation to build off of, at least. Most UG bands' singers couldn't sing if their lives depended on it.

Maybe I'm just loopy from not getting any sleep, but are the guitars in 'Drifting Away' out of tune? Make sure you tune up before playing- it's a small thing, but it makes all the difference in the world.

'Making a Start' and 'Love Me' were a little generic, in my honest opinion.

I'd be honored if you could give me a little feedback about some of my own tracks.

thanks, ill have to try and track down this band sky babies.

In truth i also think that Making a Start and Love me are a bit generic but they where some of the first songs any of us ever wrote (we are all 16) and love me was writen in 10 minutes when we found out we needed and extra song for a gig.

Thanks for the other feedback too, ill make sure to check out your music and leave you some feedback when i get the chance