So me and my bandmates have aentered a BOTB that is set to take place at the end of february and one of the conditions is that you have to play a song on the top 10 pop charts. We are a hardcore band, and after seeing the Broadway version of the song Im on a boat we thought it would be a croud pleaser and we convinced the organizer to let us perform it.

My question is, the beat/keyboardish part at the beginning playes from the start and through to like the end of the first verse or sumthing, and starts again sometime about halfway through the song. We have no keyboardist and neither does Broadway. How do they activate this keyboard part and end it? is it a nano pad type thing?

Play it on guitar!
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lol trigger pad or have the sound guy play it or record it so it plays the parts has the right amout of space before it starts again and just have the soundguy hit play
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