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It was as if by some wicked association of birth I had become an evil thing, thought of as an evil thing. Maybe I was an evil thing? If their gaze ever touched my red flesh or fell into these pits I have for eyes, they would become broken, hopelessly mad in an instant, driven by terror. Sometimes, Rarely, they would not break, not fall into madness, but always their feet would react the same, always take them just as quickly away from me.

Alas, I have no intention of driving men mad or being an evil thing, being the evil thing I am meant to be. Though I long to dispell this curse of loneliness, mad men do not make the best of company. Or, perhaps, they make the only company for me, and by extension, the best. Yes, It is broken men that I dread, not the mad. That is the truth, an undeniable truth, as it were.

'And here I am, finally having found someone to break these centuries of bitter silence, yet I haven't let you utter a single syllable. Still I prattle, like a child on Christmas day. Please, speak.'

He stands. Stares. If not this red flesh or these bottomless pits for eyes, the truest test of a man's mental stamina and the flexibility of his psyche is my voice. Both a roar and a whisper, both a moan and a shriek. Beneath the pieces of speech that dribble from my lips are untold truths, not meant for man's frail mind to absorb, to try and fail to comprehend. That is why the mad - however minute that madness might be - are my only company. He blinks.

After a long, dramatic pause, his mouth hanging open and slack, he moves to speak. 'Please, anything I could say to you would surely pale in comparison, So i will simply ask of you; How is it you've come to this place, our world?'
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Really would like a crit.
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