Haha I doubt it.

But...My amp is weird right now...

When I plug my footswitch into my Laney AOR, I can control the clean and drive channel by moving my reverb knob around (sounds wrong but I assure you is not).

The footswitch is not a laney, it is a peavey.

Please help ! Charrrsss
is that a tube or SS amp?
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Yes, what's happening is that you're using the wrong footswitch, so in your case the reverb knob is providing resistance to the channel switching circuit, so when you hit a certain resistance on the knob it will switch the channel.
blimey. you learn something new every day


EDIT: Do I need to buy a specific switch to certain Laney amps...as mine is 20years old or so?

Or will any switch with laney on it do?
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