Hey all, i'm thinking of how to connect my effects to the amp. i currently have 3 pedals connected to my Vox VT30 in this order: Guitar -----> Little Big Muff ----> Clyde Fulltone Deluxe Wah ----> Boss RC2 Loop Station -----> AMP.

I will be getting the Line6 M13 which has a looper (but i still want to keep the Boss RC2 in the loop)
I'm thinking: Guitar ---> Muff ---> Wah ---> M13 ---> Boss RC2 --->AMP

does this sound / look good? any advice is appreciated.

tah and Happy New Year everyone!
Well, effects work best in this order for you

Guitar-Wah-Muff-M13(whats that?)-Boss RC2-Amp

Not to sure what the M13 is.
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No to sure what the M13 is.

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