This little devil will be arriving in a few days; I had to order it blindly because no one local carries it. The reviews are almost all very good for it. Do any of you guys have this pedal or have any experience with it?
FWIW, I'll be using it through my Fender Hot rod deville tube amp plugged into a cab with vintage 30's in it. I'm hoping for a more modern hard rock/metal sound than I get from my Electroharmonix Metal Muff, which is an awesome petal for 80's and 90's metal.
this pedal is amazing ive gotta say its got good chrunch and reallt high notes but the middle tones are not very good its eother high or low. if you can get it to better settings please contact me.
Great for you... but here's one trend I never understand...

Why do people buy pedals, then only ask for other's opinion of the pedal?
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Because no matter what pedal one asks about at least ten people who have never used it will post about how horrible it is and dissuade one from buying anything!