i haven't played guitar seriously in maybe 2-3 years. at some point my life's issues became more important and somehow i lost a lot of interest in playing.

when i was 14, i picked up a guitar at school. there is a guitar program at the high school i attended about 7 years ago (i am 25 now). all through high school i loved playing and it was a great experience having a program where i could play with my friends as well as playing in front of an audience at guitar concert for the school.

after i graduated i continued playing. i took private lessons for a time. in retrospect i realize it wasn't worth the money considering the quality of the teacher and my seriousness in learning guitar and music theory (which was hard for me to understand and utilize in my playing).

there was a point where i felt i could play many kinds of music and i could learn/tab out songs i liked, some by ear. i believe i was talented but my disinterest grew as i tried to create my own unique songs and write my own music:

things like creating riffs and chords that i would play over and over again without knowing how to create more of a song from them. buying recording software and getting extremely bored and upset when i didn't like how what i recorded sounds.

there was a short period of time where cocaine influenced me a lot and i got interested again. i created some great riffs and segments of possible songs. it was fun for awhile yet, that was something i could not keep doing so i stopped. shortly after i moved to Austin for a job, the live music capital of the world, but going to live concerts and getting drunk have long since become un-enjoyable to me.

i still love music, and this is something that has remained constant since i was very young. underground hip hop/trance/death metal/folk metal/punk/emo/ whatever... i suppose it is subjective, and silly to say after using the term "emo", but i like music that has talent and passion behind it. my favorite kind of music to play is death metal or folk metal. (opeth /equilibrium)

so i guess that is my novel. i post this wondering if anyone has had the same difficulties with getting motivated, being creative and finding a unique sound.

what do you do when still have the desire to play but motivation is lacking and your creativity feels cheap?

i have many influences in music but frustration and boredom push me away from trying hard to emulate and enjoy playing it, like i used to. any advice or personal opinions or related stories would be appreciated.

thanks for reading
If you are going through a bad patch, just maybe learn to play a few songs by your favourite band. That might inspire you.

Or try playing with other musicians. That usually is a big boost.

If you need any help regards writing try the Musicians Talk Forum