Poll: Do you find it easier to write a joke song or a serious song?
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18 44%
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Voters: 41.
I wanna know how many people here find writting joke songs easier than serious and meaningful songs. My band mates and I find writting joke songs easier but we're not trying to be a joke band (were trying to be the exact oposite). Also any tips on how to write serious songs would be apreciated.


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Although I'm not a real songwriter or anything, I find it easier to write a funny poem than a serious one. It's easy to make things cheesy when it comes to songwriting, and sometimes cheesy is fun.

But humour is ofcourse not always appreciated.

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I'll take a song with a sense of humour over a more serious piece any day.

Of course, that's not to say I don't appreciate genuinely well-written lyrics, whether they convey serious messages, are philosophical and/or surreal (hence why I love Early In Flames' work). But I'm more a fan of quirks in arrangements and/or a fun atmosphere (whether it's through odd vocal stylings - Akphaezya or early SikTh - a quirky concept - Ron Jarzombek, some BTBAM - and so on).
And personally, I find it more natural and interesting to integrate my own quirks and kicks into my music - I can't see myself sitting down and trying to write something ''meaningful'', because it just isn't me to take things seriously, and I'd much rather crack a smile than ponder a failed romance, or the evil government.


EDIT: Actually, I should probably add; I don't necessarily mean I like songs that have jokes in them, or try to be witty or funny, but more-so have a playful sound to them (hence why I mentioned Akphaezya and Ron Jarzombek earlier).
Just thought I should clarify that.
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Usually when I write about something important or something i feel strong about and i want to keep it serious I keep it vague. It is easier for idea's to flow and to get my point across. People can see my point and since it's vague they can interpret their own meaning and get something different without the large comedy factor getting in the way.
"joke" songs in and of themselves are retarded and take little effort (see: eminem skits or reel big fish).

is this even a question, really?
I find it easier to write serious songs. Joke songs seem easy to write, but to genuinely make them funny is quite difficult.
By joke songs, do you mean songs that are in themselves jokes, or do you mean songs that are meant to be humorous? It can be just as difficult, and it can take just as much work to write a song that is genuinely witty and funny as it does to write one that is sad, angry, etc..
I must say, Tenacious D & Presidents Of The United States Of America are bands that deffinitly had fun making their songs. However, it is obviously hard to write something serious, because there is always someone who will interpret it in the wrong way.